Waste Instructions

To build local support on the shoreline, we encourage volunteers to connect with their municipality. Municipalities can confirm permission to clean the area, and may be able to provide assistance with the removal of bags of litter after a cleanup and provide cleanup supplies.

Are you a volunteer interested in contacting your municipality? 
Find your municipal contact by calling the general line for your local municipality. We've created this handy Municipality Script to guide you in your communications.
We're in contact with some municipalities across Canada. To see if we're in contact with yours: Register your cleanup, go to your event page and see if there is an Instructions from the Municipality PDF  in the "About this site" box. 

Please note that while our program has reopened to shoreline cleanups, cleanups are still on hold in some municipalities across Canada. It is important that you check with your province and municipality before your cleanup. Download the checklist of steps for a solo or small team cleanup to learn more. 

Are you a municipality interested in supporting volunteers in your community?

Contact us, we can add your instructions to volunteers to cleanup sites located in your municipality 

Are you a municipality looking to get more involved with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup? 

Become a Clean Shoreline Community