Vancouver Kindness Movement

Date & Time

Sun, March 21, 2021
1:30 pm

Location of cleanup

Green Timbers Urban Forest
City of Surrey, British Columbia

Meeting Place

100 Ave. Main Parking Lot

Cleanup Ended

Additional Info

Meeting Time is 1pm. If you are under 19, kindly make sure you have one of your parents/guardian sign the waiver form and send it to us at [email protected] or contact the coordinator, Krissy on your shoreline account . Please wear a mask, a pair of gloves, and long pants. Bring your own tongs, if possible. Bring your own garbage bags as well. Wear a green shirt if you can so we can easily identify you. The Vancouver Kindness Team will have name tags and team shirts to help oversee the event. First Aid will be available. Feel free to email us if you any questions. Thank you and see you then.

Goal(s) of This Cleanup

  • Make the shoreline clean for my community
  • Save animals
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Get outside & appreciate nature
  • Create awareness around the trash we produce
  • Show kindness to nature and the world we live in.

Cleanup Coordinator

  • Krissy Manalo


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35/36 Participants

About this site


Please note, group size maximums in the municipality is 50 people per cleanup site. Cleanup on trails, paths, picnic area, forest edges and North, East, and South shorelines of the lake (no cleanup permitted in streams/ponds/lake, in shoreline vegetation on West shoreline, or of embedded materials).

Cleanup History

Since 2010, there have been 14 cleanups that have collected 65kg of trash at this site.