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About Us

We need to stop the leak of plastic into our oceans! More than 800 species are known to be affected by marine plastic pollution, including all sea turtle species, more than 40 per cent of cetacean species, and 44 per cent of marine bird species. 

Our mission to end plastic pollution doesn’t stop with Shoreline Cleanups, our other programs include:

Ocean Wise Shoreline Cleanup is a citizen science program, dedicated to the collection of shoreline litter and litter data. Together we not only prevent the leak of plastic litter into our Ocean but more importantly collect valuable litter data that helps scientists, policy makers and businesses take meaningful action to prevent harmful plastic pollution.  

Since launching in Canada in 1994, the shoreline cleanup program has expanded across Canada and now into the United States. Over the years our incredible volunteers have recorded over 27,800 cleanups, collected over 2 million Kg of litter, and cleaned over 44,262 km miles of shoreline.  Thanks to support from Tru Earth we are excited to be bringing our successful Shoreline Cleanup program to America.  

Ocean Wise is a globally focused conservation organization on a mission to protect and restore the world’s oceans. Through research, education, direct-action conservation and field projects, Ocean Wise empowers communities to take action for ocean health. Ocean Wise is focused on tackling three major ocean challenges: overfishing, ocean pollution and climate change. The organization is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia with staff and initiatives worldwide. 

Tru Earth is both a leading eco-friendly household product company and a movement (#TruEarthMovement™) committed to eliminating plastic from landfills and oceans. In an inspiring union of great ecological significance, Tru Earth has joined forces with Ocean Wise as the founding partner of Ocean Wise Shoreline Cleanup. These initiatives mark a huge step forward for Ocean Wise, Tru Earth and the fight against plastic pollution.